Barbara Hannay – Author

As a first-time author at 49, Barbara Hannay has been a storyteller all her life. Writing was her favourite subject at school, and she grew up creating stories to tell to her sisters. With plans to become a journalist, Barbara instead chose a career as a high school...

Quynh Hoang – Entrepreneur, Roll’d Franchisee

Quynh Hoang – Entrepreneur, Roll’d Franchisee

Face Down - Bowls Up! With more than 80 stores across Australia, you’ve no doubt bought a delicious Vietnamese roll from Roll’d. It’s a concept store created by Bao Hoang because he “loved his mother’s cooking and wanted to share it with as many people as possible”....

Sally Kellett – Director of Mirosuna

Sally Kellett – Director of Mirosuna

Mirosuna – the perfect moment to create space for change. It’s a word that you won’t find defined in any dictionary, but a concept that Mirosuna Founder and Director, Sally Kellett embraces and lives every day. With a studio in Melbourne, Sally, a sound meditation practitioner and meditation teacher has created a space where busy people can reconnect, recharge and create “more peace, perspective and purpose in their lives”.

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